40 Year Building Recertifications

If you’re here, you probably have been notified that a building you own requires a Recertification Inspection, or a 40 Year Inspection. If so, you are in the Right Place.

We have made a brief video (located at the left) that explains:

  • What a Recertification Inspection is (also called a “Recert”).
  • What you need to do.
  • How we can help you accomplish what you are now required to do.

Company Profile

We are Engineers that specialize in Building Recertification Inspections and Building Recertifications are basically ALL that we do. Our principal and founder, has been completing Recerts in South Florida for over 35 years.

Although we have years of other building inspection, pre-purchase home inspections, termite inspections, mold inspections, etc, Recertifications are the focus of our company. In today’s economic climate, where the municipal building departments are micro-examining every building in their jurisdiction to extract every possible fee, and reviewing every submittal regarding any building, you can-not afford to take a chance with someone who does Recertifications as an “oh, yeah, we do that too”. Using a lower tier company is just not worth the risk, as there is no money to be saved. Our fees are already among the lowest in the county, and with us, low cost does NOT mean low quality and no client support. Simply, try us, pick up the phone and just give us a call ….

40 Year Condominium Recertifications

Yes, we also do condo recertifications. In fact, they are a large part of our business. Whether your condominium is a multiple building garden type or a single building high-rise, our years of experience should be applied to your condominium recertification needs. We do all types of buildings and condos, so give us a call today.

Services Overview

If you need a Recertification Inspection, or a 40 Year Inspection, you want it done professionally, promptly, and at a competitive low cost.

We meet all of your requirements; you have found your one-stop shop.

Call us to arrange your building’s recertification inspection.

40 Year Building Recertifications